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Top Ashwagandha Benefits

Top Ashwagandha Benefits Referred to as a multi-purpose natural herb as well as “rejuvenator” used in old Ayurvedic and also Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, ashwagandha 1 (Withania somnifera) is a plant native to India with a host of bioactive features. Ashwagandha belongs to the Solanaceae family members along with eggplant and tomato. It […]


Leading Benefits of Flaxseed

Top Benefits of Flaxseed The flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) has a long and also renowned history extending virtually 10,000 years. Remains of flax seeds have actually been discovered in Stone Age houses in Switzerland as well as Egypt. The plant reached the U.S. in the 1800s with European settlers and also is now expanded as […]


Common Chemicals Increasingly Linked to Diabetes

Common Chemicals Increasingly Linked to Diabetes It is common knowledge that diabetes development can be promoted by genetic predisposition as well as environmental triggers. There are many putative environmental influences, and an emerging one is exposure to chemicals known as phthalates. What Are Phthalates? “Phthalates are chemicals added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, […]

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Doctor Explains Why Low-Carb Works for Diabetes

Some experts believe type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Dr. Sarah Hallberg is one of them. She’s a physician and exercise physiologist who serves as the Medical Director at Virta Health, a company that claims to provide the first clinically-proven treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes using no medications or surgery. Dr. Hallberg recently gave […]

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Soda Tax On Sugary Drinks Make Be Working

Consumption of sugary drinks dropped 52 percent among Berkeley’s low-income residents in the three years after the city enacted a penny-per-ounce excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in early 2015, a new study shows. The study, which is the first to document the long-term impacts of a soda tax in the United States, suggests that taxation may be an effective tool in the fight against diabetes, heart disease and obesity.